It's no surprise that computers can be a source of frustration for a lot of people, however, The CanSomebodyHelpMe.com Team have stepped in to ease this frustration.

CanSomebodyHelpMe.com was opened in 1999 after the need arose to find answers to complex IT related questions... and no one could answer the questions. It spawned the idea to create our business that assists people find much needed answers to IT challenges.

We look forward to solving complex IT Related Problems, for just about anything computer related. Some services include custom courseware creation, website development, website marketing, computer consulting, online database creation, on-site computer training, video/audio streaming and more.

The CanSomebodyHelpMe.com Team is possible do to the partnership and cooperation of various international partners. The CanSomebodyHelpMe.com Team includes web designers in Pakistan and Newfoundland, FoxPro Developer in Argentina, Computer Consultant in Chicago, Credit Card Processing in Delaware and Web Hosting in Toronto.

A quote from their partner Pablo in Argentina, "Isn't the Internet great? People who had never met and living thousands of miles away from one another, cooperatively sell a product to a customer who they will probably never see. Almost a Julio Verne's tale".


established in 2000
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